CBD is hitting the headlines and countless individuals are consuming it regularly. However it is not that simple, as media exposure and word of mouth recommendations of CBD products can rapidly become confusing.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing CBD for the very first time, or you’ve bought some however aren’t sure what the best practices are carry on as we’ve got some top CBD ideas for you.

You Need The Right Amount.

The error that a lot of individuals make when starting out with CBD is taking insufficient. Frequently individuals purchase an inferior product, or simply don’t take enough. So getting the right amount of CBD into your system is the primary top priority.

There are a variety of guidelines which you can follow, however in the end it is up to you to experiment. Your weight can effect this, as can your bio schedule. Usually start off with what is recommended on the product packaging and work around that.

Do Not Hurry

As soon as you take your dose of CBD be patient. It doesn’t produce a rush and the results can be quite subtle so permit time to work its magic.

Amount Won’t Make Up For Quality

Unfortunately many commercial retailers now stock products that have really low concentrations of CBD. Reasonably if there are tinctures or tablets that are under 10mg a dose then you’re probably searching in the wrong location.

Many products will be identified as strong when they are nothing of the sort. Do not trust the product names or design, check to see how many milligrams they contain.

CBD Oil Isn’t A Cure All.

That’s right, sometimes expectation can exceed the gains. Not to sound like a spoil sport however CBD doesn’t solve all! If your expectation is for you to “feel” high or a abrupt start then maybe it’s time to reduce your expectation. It takes a little while for your body to absorb CBD.

There are a lot of false clams on the internet for the efficacy of CBD. Do not have unrealistic expectations, and attempt and approach it with the right mindset. If you are uncertain of what dose to take don’t stress. Everybody metabolises CBD at a different rate so there is no one size fits all solution. The amount, medium and quality of the CBD all contribute.


drops under your tongue and let the CBD be taken in into your blood stream.


If you have eczema, or localised discomfort, you can rub CBD onto the skin in the form of a gel or balm. The CBD gets readily taken in by the skin and is a great form of localised relief.

CBD Tablets

A lot of individuals aren’t extremely crazy about the weed like taste of CBD oils and so CBD capsules are growing in popularity. They need to pass through the liver where they are metabolised and this process differs from person to person. It definitely takes longer than sublingually or smoking.

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